Decline, Descent, Fall

November 19, 2007 at 4:53 pm Leave a comment

DECLINE, DESCENT, FALL   Hoards of illegal aliens, side by side with their bleeding heart liberal organizers, creep from undercover and arrogantly litter our streets and march in demand of rights.  The media milks the heinous “boot camp death, reminding us of our inherent violence.  The CIA is in turmoil and we are still and always at war. The human cancer Zacarias Moussaou and his fundamentalist spawn of the devil are giving us the third finger salute.  The jurors who passed sentence are quite obviously missing chromosomes. They screwed up royally and gave this diseased and rancid soul freedom from an express exit to eternity in the “real” hell.  

Darfor continues in the global shadow of indifference and slave trade continues. Our government spins fairy tales. Aberrant and spine chilling weather changes and disasters are evident and ransack the globe.  Rampant corporate and even judicial corruption metastasizes.  

Unnatural infant death rates are on the rise as well as brutal child, elder and animal abuse. Schools are battlegrounds.  Greedy and senseless network giants plaster porn all over television.

The media, both TV and print is obsessively preoccupied with the pathetic likes of “heiress airhead” Paris Hilton and mediocre, wackadoo celebrities such as Tom Cruise and the Cruisettes and the pathetic Brangelina circus and their menagerie. They have yet to discern that most of us with cerebral function don’t give a damn.  Yet, they may be altruistically bombarding us with this trash for the purpose of comic relief from the rigors of the real world.   

Is it any wonder that America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner are on their way down the path of destruction? And yes, our national anthem should be sung in English and not  Spanish or any other language and yes illegal aliens should either drag their non speaking English butts home or get with the program and pay taxes and stop overtaxing our schools, prisons and hospitals on the backs and sweat of Americans.

Is it any wonder that the rest of the world rolls their eyeballs when confronted with American issues?  Does anyone doubt that her heartbreaking decline will not be due to a terrorist attack, an enemy missile or the forthcoming bird flu pandemic and yes world take cover, it is probably coming!   

Our country’s fall will originate from within her core and her collective diminution in faith in a creator, personal and family values and mores, nationalistic pride, honesty, honor, loyalty, respect, integrity, compassion, sympathy, empathy.   

Let us not forget the surge in the indiscriminate use of earth’s natural resources and their financial manipulation for commercial gain by global scum. 

Lastly and sorrowfully is our non – adherence to the values set forth by our fore fathers and practiced by our Creator.  I love America with my all my heart and with all my soul and I would bear arms to protect and save her but man, I hope I miss the final descent.


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