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Welcome to America! If you are an illegal alien, you have got it made! Free health care, food stamps, education for your kids, cash business, no taxes and if crime is your game, hey jail time is on us –  the backs of the American people, –  the perks of jail time  may include a law degree, subsequent litigation against the system that put you away for whatever it is you did  and maybe even a book deal. 

If your name is Katie Couric and you are a “perky,” mediocre, news anchor whose face had a “lift” in the late 90’s that you wont admit to and have blatantly lied about it in interviews, you’ll make 15 million a year. 

If you’re a cop whose life is on the line everyday in the city that never sleeps, you’ll make 40 thousand a year and be crucified for doing your job. 

If you chew gum swing a bat or kick a ball with your pals in front of millions of cheering fans, the rewards are much, much higher.                             

If you are the Catholic Cardinal of Anytown, USA, you cover up pastoral perversion by disbursing billions of dollars in hush money.                             

If you are a celebrity, you can buy colorful kids in far away lands, for big bribes, where others less fortunate fail. 

If you are socially incorrect, you can watch Al Sharpton create insurrection in your defense. 

If you are a British model with a foul temper and make physical assault upon youe “servants” a part of your activities of daily living, you can capitalize on it with the help of the yellow press and make even more millions. 

If you commit a white collar crime and you are loaded ($$), you will be allowed to slither away by a judicial system that needs to be judged and punished and you’ll do it all over again. 

If you are patriotic, you can join the military, step on a land mine and get blown to bits before you reach the age of 20, fighting for something that even God can’t figure out. 

If you get to Washington, you can pander to big business, destroy the middle class and deprive the “have nots” of even more. 

If you are an animal rights advocate and fight for those innocents with no rights or voice, you are considered a terrorist under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and you can have your 1st amendment rights vaporized right before your very eyes ; thanks to the idiots in Washington who pander to big business.                            

If you eat bugers made from other sentient beings, you can be poisoned and die.  If you’re a cat or a dog and eat pet food, you can die faster. 

If you can read the daily papers, view the TV news, you can walk the streets and think that you are part of a reality show in hell.  

Beloved America, pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  Please!   


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