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eye.jpgA REBUTTAL TO THE ALLEGATIONS OF DOG TRAFFICKING BY “RABID” NATIONALISTS! Dear Mr. Franziskakis: May I congratulate you on your writing style.  It is superb.  Unfortunately,   your “facts and figures” are fictional. I am sure  you recall, that as a  journalist, you have the irrefutable duty and obligation to report unbiased and meticulously accurate data.Of course, I do not believe for a moment that you have iniquitous reasons for your recent reportage detailing commercial animal trade from Greece to the “old hag” of Europe.  (I presume you meant to include Greece in your amusing and graphic description of the European Union.Mr. Franziskakis, after reading and attempting to digest translated versions of your journalistic skill, I once again despair that you will unlock your vision and elevate your intelligence quota so that you can produce a piece of literature that will not be influenced by the crazed allegations of menopausal old women,  bored housewives, city workers and over the hill husbands, all desperately in need of a thrill.

I am sure that there are repulsive creatures in Greece who make a buck dealing in animal trade but you sir and your confused cohorts are “barking” up the wrong tree.  (Oh, before I forget, here’s a ‘tree” to check–the Pasteur Institute)  I am sorry to inform you on behalf of the innocent targets of Mrs.Gooney Garagouni and her pathetic band of hapless men and women — that they are pointing their guns in the wrong direction. I can assure you that the latest victims of Frau Garagouni and her little gestapo clones are innocent and that justice will prevail. 

Perhaps, Garagouni and company should be cautious in their crazed zeal for fame and fortune not to point the muzzle in the wrong direction and in their passionate frenzy, shoot themselves.  Ax! Cette dommage.By the way, I am personally thrilled that Ms. Popi Baka has abandoned her day job to pursue a career imitating the famed French detective Clouseau.  His films have always inspired me and are marvelous “comic” relief.

Seriously, while in Athens,  I  met and conversed with Popi Baka on several occasions and actually liked her.  I have tried, but am unable to comprehend her turncoat attitude.  Could it be the ghoulish skills of Mrs. Garagouni and her mouthpiece, Tetrapodologein aka globally as tetrakaka?Hopefully Popi will reveal the names of those repugnant specimens in Greece who  are salivating at the thought of remuneration from animal agony and misery. If the human culprits of commercial animal trade are routed out, call me and I will return to Greece and spay and neuter them personally.  Just please do not keep us in the proverbial dark for too long.Now, here is a thought. Perhaps Popi should snoop about the back alleys and pockets of filozooiki and other “paid, “professional” animal advocates in Greece.   Hey, how about  P. I. Popi checking the personal agendas and bankrolls of civil workers within the Ministry of Agriculture i.e. Ms. Dile, Mr. Stylas and Mr. Papadopolous and while she’s on a roll, maybe she could trace the whereabouts of millions of euros purportedly allocated for the innocent animal victims of human trash. 

(By the way, is it true that Ms. Chryssa Dile – Veterinarian, runs the Ministry of Agriculture?  Somehow, I thought that particular duty fell upon the shoulders of Cabinet appointed Monsters,  oops, I mean Ministers,Mr. Vasiakos and Mr. Kontos, both of whom seem to fear answering the telephone.  Will she be appointed Minister or “Ministress” when Mr. Vasiakos vacates his position.)  Just curious.Concurrently Popi could re – direct her energy and lobby to repeal the laughable and ridiculously convoluted animal welfare law 3170. (You can tell that Ms. Dile dipped her spoon in that pot.)

Then, to top it off, Popi could fracture the greedy veterinary lobby’s strangle hold on the seemingly cowardly government. ( I must say that I still hold enormous hope and respect for Mr. Caramanlis. Unfortunately, he inherited the corrupt aftershock of a frightful regime.)Mr. Franziskakis, picture this — Greece circa 2008,  — foreign “volunteer”, vets entering Greece for the purpose of nationwide spay/ neuter and medical treatment campaigns.   My, my, what do you know?  Part of the problem would be alleviated. Over time, the gross overpopulation of unwanted, neglected and abused Greek animals would dwindle.  Perhaps we could also incorporate humane education in the schools, as doe the rest of the civilized world. Educated and sensitized children might even become compassionate adults. 


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