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TURKEY    How Ayzer Buyuker Will Murder 2000 Dogs


Over the last few days I am asked the same question over and over again.. why a small-time thug like Ayzer Buyuker would fight so hard to run a shelter filled with 2000 stray dogs, most of them sick and injured, a big number of them with three legs and problems that make them unfit for family-living. A shelter filled with distempered and rachitic puppies. Why? What is in there for someone like Ayzer Buyuker and his family?.


Here is the logic.. read carefully because it is an insight into the mind of some very disturbed individuals.


Ayzer Buyuker has been given a contract to sterilize the dogs of Beykoz and surrounded areas. The Beykoz shelter is to be used as an sterilization center where stray dogs, male and female, are to be taken in, sterilized, treated for a minimum number of days and returned to the exact location where the dog was found. This is how Neuter and Return works, this is the only way to solve Turkeys stray dog problem.


Ayzer and his gang of crooks will get paid a FEE PER DOG OPERATED. 75 YTL – 100 YTL… The number is irrelevant.


To do such a job you need know-how, experience, infrastructure and above all you need ethics. Ayzer lacks all of it.


The only way Ayzer Buyuker makes money is by maximizing the number of dogs operated. The problem for Ayzer is this one: What to do with the 2000 dogs already sterilized currently living in Beykoz?


Ummm…. those dogs will not be making money for Ayzer. Furthermore, those dogs are supposed to eat and drink on a daily basis. They need veterinary treatment.. all of this costs money. A crook like Buyuker is not about to start spending money on the welfare of any dog.


Furthermore, as Ayzer knows, getting paid by the Municipality is no easy task. He experienced this in Sariyer.. the end result was a huge financial loss for him and his family company. Ayzer needs to minimize expenditure at all costs. How to do this? The solution is simple..

 Ayzer will eliminate the expense of 2000 dogs. How? by killing them… how? there are three methods, all of them illegal.


1. Poisoning

2. Shooting with a bullet.

3. Starvation


The first two methods are fast and easy. They are also unfeasible. I don’t even want to start thinking into the logistics of poisoning 2000 dogs at once. Most probably Ayzer would use the water the dogs drink but the moment he does this the news will leak out and the world will fall upon him and Muharrem Ergul the Major of Beykoz. Ergul as a smart politician will then get rid of Ayzer like a hot potato, a used condom, whatever you want to call it. His contract will be immediately canceled and Ayzer will face again financial ruin. For second time in two years. Poor Buyuker.


The method Ayzer Buyuker has chosen is death by starvation and gradual disposal of the bodies. This method was implemented by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi henchman in concentration camps all over Europe. It is a proven system, it works. It is slow and painful, but it works.


The first thing Buyuker will do (he has done so already) will be to make sure there are bags of dog food at Beykoz. We saw this in Sariyer two years ago. It is important to show that he has food and he is feeding the dogs. Of course those bags will be closed, unused. The dogs will not be fed. This is a repeat of his performance in Sariyer.


All of this will happen if you and me just sit, watch and do nothing.


So… Grab the phones, call the Beykoz Belediye:


Nihat Mutlu

0216 6801104 (direct line)


Ihsan Öksüz

0216 4259376 (direct line)

 0532 406 37 57 (cep)



Let them know we are watching.. and that you and thousands of people like you wont allow this to happen yet again. It wont happen in Sariyer, it wont happen in Beykoz, it wont happen in Tuzla. It is time the animal lovers in this country start doing something other that reading Internet forums, shrug the shoulders and lament.. ” this is Turkey!.. nothing will ever change”


Be the change… get rid of Ayzer Buyuker. He must be the first head to roll, he needs to go back to the rat hole where he came from. We must make sure this does not happen again.


Please call


Nihat Mutlu

 0216 6801104 (direct line)


 Ihsan Öksüz

 0216 4259376 (direct line)

 0532 406 37 57 (cep)



www.beykozbarinak.com: <http://www.beykozbarinak.com>

Article on TDN today. Please forward.

http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=101394: <http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=101394>




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