WAG NY MESSAGE to the Members of the EU Parliament & the Press SHAME ON YOU!

June 5, 2008 at 3:02 pm 2 comments



We are living through the third great power shift in modern history. The “new world order” that we’ve grown so comfortable with is nearing it’s end.  Somewhere in between cataclysmic events in history, the 21st century and evolving civilization has left Turkey and the Balkans in the dust.

Shall we bring some context and perspective and offer clarity and information or shall we in concert with you all,  ignore a grim issue decaying within the boundaries of these EU accession chasers.  It appears that you all” have chosen to bury your collective heads in the muck of more majestic missions.


Conceivably, we could afford you a second chance at redemption. Hopefully, you won’t pass the baton and will ensure that a semblance of serious thought is given a reality that is disfiguring the face of humanity in your own backyard and threatening your very own personal supply. Secondary to your indifference and a testimony to your collective ignorance, the rampant brutality against all animals is perpetuating in the Balkan nations and Turkey .


The Bible contains biographies of great men and women, many of them powerful leaders – kings, pharaohs, judges, priests, prophets and apostles.  If this book was being scribed as you assemble in your seat of power, how would you be described?  Would humanity and compassion be assigned?  We think not, based on your collective history of callous  indifference to a repelling and unacceptable issue which is escalating under your noses.. Are you bluster, blunder or a powerful force to be used for good?


For once, make history for the truly voiceless and defend the animals suffering at the hands of man. For once!


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  • 1. Animal Protection Puszta Hungary South  |  June 6, 2008 at 9:35 am

    When does humans follow up to the word——-if you wan´t this to happen to you——-why you let it happen to poor inicent animals.

    How many famous peoples you have seen with sick animal in their arms, crying out to the world about the gruelty against animals?

    No cameras there`? No sweet report with a smile into the camera——good propaganda? Animal advocates are dayly on the scene, not just once in the year!!!!!They don´´t get a sponsored trip and afterwards fill their own pocket with money.

  • 2. Diane Beijer  |  November 28, 2008 at 7:38 am


    I’m Diane Beijer from the Netherlands and started a foundation two years ago (Foundation for the help of animals on Crete). I have been in contact with my representatives of my political party in the EU. It is an outrage that members of the EU are doing nothing about animal abuse in their countries. My target is Greece because I have been on holiday over there and I was disgusted and full of disbelieve what I saw over there. My representatives have been asking questions through the European Commission at Greece because Greece got 12 million euro’s in 2003 for animal welfare and has done nothing yet, they don’t know where the money is. They also refuse to give work permits to vets from other EU member states. These vets want to neuter cats and dogs so there are no more kittens and puppies born, they all got rejected by the Greece government. We, the citizens of the EU have a voice but the citizens have to use it. We have to unite and let the EU we want an EU that’s good for every living creature. That we are disgusted by animal abuse..


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