Global Guardians are needed world wide to expose and fight the brutal abuse and blatant neglect of all forgotten animals, companion, farmed, captive and wild. These are also the animals who are off the radar screens of animal welfare societies and the major media.We want you to “WAG IT”! Shake up the status quo where animals are concerned. WAG is an international political lobby and advocacy force based in New York City and needs your participation and support.Our mission is to educate the world community, and to urge you to actively “rise up,” protest, and lobby governments, corporations and citizens for reform. WAG knows that each and every one of you hold the answer to changing the quality of life for the ones who have no voice.

Your voice, your vote, your energy and compassion can be harnessed to revolutionize and transform the world of animals as we know it. As a collective group, our passion for the advancement of animal rights is unwavering. Your support and protection of vulnerable creatures everywhere is crucial. Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to “WAG IT” .Join forces with WAG to send the message to the Greek State, China, Korea and a myriad of other nations, including our own, that abuse of animals will not be tolerated. Our animal’s anthem, composed by Maria Daines & Paul Killington, states; “Rise Up Make This Moment Last.” You are a force in the universe. Let your voice and energy make a difference! Be aware of our work, “rise up”, raise your voice and protest during letter and phone campaigns. Open your homes and hearts to an abandoned, special needs Greek dog or cat. They do not stand a chance in Greece. Spread our message to family, friends, business colleages and even strangers.Avoid any vacation venue in this world or any travel to countries where the practice of animal cruelty and neglect is the norm and not the exception.

Animals and their protection are our focus and our life. We appreciate and respect every effort you make to support our work including the kind words of thanks and encouragement that we receive so very often, from around the world.

Please don’t forget us. 

For over twenty five years, we have traveled, rescued, vetted,  re homed, lobbied and have had the blessing of utilizing personal finances.  This is no longer an option.  We do not own a fancy building or work from a suite of offices. We do not have glossy ad campaigns or TV advertising. There are no celebrities, secretaries, assistants, editors, copywriters or public relations gurus and no salaries. 

It is now necessary for us to request financial assistance from our supporters. Every bit of every dollar or ten, will be channeled into action for animals. We live our lives for the animals and their protection.  Our focus is principled and our work ethic honorable.  We ask you now, after all these years, to do what you can, when you can! If you can’t make a small donation at this time, then support our campaigns and offer to us,  encouragement and prayers.  We will love and respect you just the same. We thank you, applaud your compassion and appreciate your support……Marijo


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  • 1. world wide travel  |  December 19, 2007 at 2:13 am

    world wide travel

    Good comment. It brought light to an old idea I had.

  • 2. DIANE M. KASTEL  |  April 16, 2008 at 10:34 am

    I am impressed with your global mission to stop animal cruelty. Please add me to your list of action alerts so that I can protest through e-mail address that you can provide.

  • 3. cassandra  |  February 5, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    it s unbelivable how much hardship and abuse, mayhem ,killing and torture that our animals have to endure all over the world, how humans treat these presious creatures everywhere with such disrespect, like they re not beatuiful beings in their own right,with feelings of pain and suffering, that deserve all our love, respect and protection, still in the 21st century, humans are the greatest beasts of all, we re living in a very cruel world, with people void of any feelings whatsoever, either for other humans, animals or our planet, how could it go so wrong with the human race, when will it ever stop, when will this ever be a beautiful planet for all humans and animals allike,
    we re so many that are trying and doing our best, to help save this planet, it s humans and it s precious animals, but the carnage s still going on, when will it ever stop???
    cassie love, animal lover


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