The smell of death was everywhere in Beykoz today. This image speaks for itself.  There is no more room for lying. Nomore fake press releases, no more nationalistic bullshit. We have stopped the criminal enterprise organized by the BeykozMunicipality, in agreement with Ayzer Buyuker.



Tomorrow, if there is justice, Ishan Ozhuz and Ayzer Buyuker will be questioned for this crime. This will be the second time Buyuker is stopped right in the middle of a massacre.  May he rot in hell… one day but for now may he suffer the infamy of being the most despised person in Turkey…the country’s most famous dog killer.


On Monday, if there is justice, Ozhuz will present his resignation and the major of Beykoz will accept it.


The major of Beykoz will have to give some serious explanations to the press and to thousands of animal lovers both in Turkey and abroad. The crime has been horrendous.. worst of all it has been done right in front of your face, accompanied by lies and falsehoods. Beykoz municipality slandered two women, Yasemin Baban and Berrin

Olkay in order to be able to commit the mass murder of 2000 dogs.


Today we discovered the graves.. bodies still fresh… the stench of putrefaction everywhere in the air.


Today we witnessed the embarrassed faces of the Beykoz Zabita. They knew what was going on. They did nothing to stop it.


Today we have seen the best and the worst of this country. Corruption, cruelty, falsehoods and criminal instincts against the unstoppable drive of a small group of people that simply wont allow such abuse any longer.


Monday will be a very embarrassing day for the Beykoz Municipality… but today is a very sad day for the entire country.


We mourn the loss of Pamuk, Fistik, Toby, Sultan and the many many dogs that have been viciously killed by Ayzer Buyuker and his gang of criminal thugs.


We are happy to have been able to save so many others.. the assassins had just started their job.


Call the Major of Beykoz, Muharrem Ergül: 0533 664 70 58 or email him on mergul@beykoz.bel.tr .

Call the Beykoz Municipality and tell them you wont be lied to anymore.

Demand the resignation of the responsible people.

Demand justice.

Ayzer Büyüker-Muharrem Ergül – BEYKOZ’DA TECAVÜZ – THE RAPE OF BEYKOZ

Beykoz today 11 April 2008

Beykoz today 11 April 2008 2nd part

Rescued from Beykoz Hell Saturday 12 April

Rescued from Beykoz Hell Sunday 13 April

Beykoz 14 April.. The work of the Major of Beykoz

Muharrem Ergul and Ayzer Buyuker. Politics of confusion

The lost boy…



 Beykoz’un olum tarlalari!!! The killing fields of Beykoz!!!

Olumun kokusu bugun Beykoz’da heryerdeydi.

Resimler olanlari anlatiyorlar. Artik yalan soylenebilecek bir durum yok.

Yalanci basin aciklamalarina, milliyetci sacmaliklara artik yer yok.

Beykoz Belediyesi ile Ayzer Buyuker ortakligiyla devam eden suc sebekesini

durdurmus bulunuyoruz.

Eger adalet varsa, yarin Ishan Ozhuz ve Ayzer Buyuker isledikleri suc icin

sorgulanacaklar. Bu Buyuker’in yaptigi katliamin ortasinda durdurulmasinin

ikinci tekrari olacak. Cehenneme gitmesi uygun.. Bir gun… Simdilik

Turkiye’deki en asagilik insan olma duygusunu tadarak yasayabilir. Ulkenin

en meshur kopek katili.

Eger adalet varsa, Pazartesi gunu Ozhuz istifasini verecek ve Belediye

Baskani kabul edecek. Belediye Baskani basina ve hem Turkiye’deki hem de

yurtdisindaki binlerce hayvansevere bir aciklama yapmak zorunda olacak. Bu

suc cok korkunctu… En kotusu de gozumuzun onunde yalanlarla kapatilmaya

calisilarak isleniyor olmasiydi.

Beykoz Belediyesi 2.000 kopegi katledebilmek icin Yasemin Baban ve Berrin

Olkay’a iftira atti.

Bugun cesetleri attiklari yerleri bulduk.. Cesetler hala tazeydi… Curume

kokusu her yerdeydi..

Bugun Beykoz Zabitasi calisanlarinin utanmis yuzlerine tanik olduk. Neler

dondugunu biliyorlardi. Durdurmak icin hicbirsey yapmadilar.

Bugun bu ulkenin en iyisini ve en kotusunu gorduk. Ahlaksizlik, kotuluk,

yalancilik ve suc isleme istegi, butun bunlara izin vermeyecek kucuk bir

grup insana karsiydi.

Pazartesi gunu Beykoz Belediyesi icin utanc dolu bir gun olacak.

Ancak bugun butun ulke icin cok uzucu bir gun.

Pamuk, Fistik, Toby, Sultan ve Ayzer Buyuker ve suclu cetesinin oldurdugu

bircok kopek icin bugun yas tutuyoruz.

Pekcok baska kopegi kurtarabilmis olmanin da mutlulugunu yasiyoruz. Neyse

ki katiller oldurmeye yeni baslamislardi.

Beykoz Belediye Baskani Muharrem Ergül: 0533 664 70 58,

mergul@beykoz.bel.tr no’lu numaradan arayin. Beykoz Belediyesini arayin ve

kendinize daha fazla yalan soylenmesini istemediginizi soyleyin.> Bu olaydan sorumlu kisilerin istifa etmelerini talep edin.

Adalet isteyin.



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by Rob Zaretsky

Click here for audio of Episode 2343

Today, we wheeze our way to Beijing. The University of Houston’s Honors College presents this program about the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them.

Media coverage of the Beijing Olympics seems more about athletes — not records — that will fall. Cars, construction and coal-burning factories cast a permanent and leaden shroud over this city of twelve million. Particulate matter, not athletic matters, is on everyone’s mind because it will be in everyone’s lungs. The American trainer has told his athletes to wear masks from the airport to the starting line.

 This is a funny business: you see, the modern Olympics were meant to cure the ills that overwhelm Beijing. This, at least, was the hope of the Olympics founder, Pierre de Coubertin. Coubertin was the child of an aristocratic Parisian family. In the wake of France’s many revolutions Coubertin’s noble family became as irrelevant as, well, ancient Greek.



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The images you are about to see where taken in Sariyer last year. SHKD found the place in the condition you are about to see. This is the story of the rescue of Fathma Balkanlis’ dogs and their treatment and recovery. The images tell the story themselves..

In this album: Ömer Atışhttp://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=27573&id=774064111&op=100

 Finally this story is out.WeI knew about this for a long time but was unable to say anything.I have always said Fatma should be STOPPED from having any animals. Sadly she still has a place opposite Ciragan Palace and she is still collecting money. Name protected – Istanbul

 Years ago – April 1999- Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediye closed its massive Hasdal rubbish dump. There were over 1000 dogs living on this ‘copluk’, the weakest ones starving to death. Most had been dumped there by belediyes. As the rubbish dump was being covered over with earth, it was obvious that these dogs would either starve to death or invade surrounding suburbs and villages.

Robert Smith, the Founder of SHKD was so upset by the sight of these dogs that decided to set up a neutering clinic on the edge of the rubbish dump, neuter, vaccinate, treat and feed these dogs. The Vali gave a tent, Mustafa Sarigul gave a portakabin and we set up the clinic. One night in July ’99 the clinic was destroyed as revenge for an anti-poisoning demonstration. We then made a shelter on the site of the destroyed clinic, where the 1000 dogs lived and were fed by SHKD.We sent as many of these dogs to new homes in Western Europe as we could, as the alternative was to put them to sleep or keep them in our shelter for life.
The reason why we spend so much of our own money – SHKD receives almost no donations – on rehoming dogs in W. Europe is that the alternative is to keep them in our open forest shelter for the rest of their lives.

Contrary to ridiculous allegations SHKD receives no money from the shelters or families which take our dogs and this can be confirmed by anybody that is participating in our Lets Adopt program. I am happy that they find a good home. This also saves us the cost of feeding and caring for those dogs for the rest of their lives.
Shelters, unless properly financed, become death camps and are a waste of money. Dogs must be neutered, vaccinated and returned, and people must be educated to take responsibility for their local community dogs.
We cannot and we will not however give the names and addresses of families or foster homes who have adopted our dogs without their permission. If these people are harassed by fanatics (there many many MANY of those) who accuse them of mistreating dogs etc. etc. we would be responsible. We have no moral right to reveal their names and addresses without their permission, and to do so would in any case be illegal.
However some of the accusations made and stories told by some of those people on the internet are so false, so misleading, so twisted that one wonders whether these ladies are genuinely interested in helping animals or are only interested in their own egos. There is a limit to how much time we can spend dealing with such people. We prefer to spend our time neutering dogs, caring for them, rescuing them when necessary, rehoming them than corresponding on the internet, which does not help a single animal.
However many questions we answer, however many details of happily rehomed dogs we give, however many falsehoods we put right, there are some spiteful, jealous ladies who believe they are the sole saviours of dogs in the world and everyone else is evil, and who psychologically cannot accept that other people are doing good work for animal welfare.

Sending Turkish dogs to new homes in Europe does nothing to solve the stray dog problem in Turkey. But for as long as the municipalities continue to kill dogs or to imprison them in canine Auschwitzes, for as long as the neutered dogs cannot be returned to their territories, our alternatives are (1) euthanasia (2) keeping the dogs in our shelters for life or (3) rehoming them to families locally and abroad. We prefer option (3) where possible, despite the expense.






Yillar once – Nisan 1999’da – Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi buyuk Hasdal coplugunu kapatti. Bu coplukte yasayan 1000’i askin kopek vardi ve zayiflar acliktan oluyordu. Bu kopeklerin cogu oraya belediyelerce atilmisti. Copluk kapatilip uzerine toprak dokulunce bu kopekler ya acliktan olecekti ya da cevredeki yasama alanlarina dagilacaklardi. SHKD’nin kurucusu olan Robert Smith buradaki caresiz kopeklerin goruntusune o kadar uzuldu ki coplugun hemen yaninda bir kisirlastirma klinigi acmaya karar verdi. Amaci kopekleri kisirlastirmak, asilamak, tedavi etmek ve beslemekti. Vali bir cadir, Mustafa Sarigul ise bir portakabin verdi ve klinigi actik. Zehirlemeye karsi oldugumuz icin oc almak amaciyla Temmuz 1999’da bir gece klinigimiz yok edildi. Bunun uzerine yok edilen klinigimizin alanina SHDK olarak 1.000 tane kopegin yasayacagi ve bakilacagi bir barinak kurduk.
Uyutulmalarina ya da butun hayatlarini bizim barinagimizda gecirmelerine alternatif olarak mumkun oldugunca cok kopegi Bati Avrupa’da evlere yerlestirdik. Bizim kendi cebimizden bu kadar cok parayi – SHKD neredeyse hic bagis almiyor – kopekleri Bati Avrupa’daki evlere sahiplendirmek icin harcamamizin nedeni buna tek alternatiflerinin butun hayatlarini bizim acik orman barinagimizda gecirmeleri olmasiydi.
Gulunc iddialarin aksine SHKD ne barinaklardan ne de kopekleri sahiplenen ailelerden hic para almamaktadir ve bu Let’s Adopt (Haydi Sahiplen) kampanyamiza katilmis olan herkes tarafindan dogrulanabilir. Ben onlari sahiplendirdigimizde bir ev bulabilmis olmalarina cok seviniyorum. Ayrica hayatlarinin geri kalaninda yapacagimiz besleme ve bakim masraflari da ortadan kalkmis oluyor.
Barinaklar eger maddi olanaklar yeterli degilse olum kamplari haline donusuyorlar ve bosa para harcaniyor. Kopeklerin kisirlastirilip, asilanip yerlerine geri birakilmasi ve insanlarin kendi bolgelerindeki bu kopeklerin sorumlulugunu almalari icin egitilmeleri gerekiyor.

Kopeklerimizi sahiplenen ailelerin isimlerini ve iletisim bilgilerini onlarin izinleri olmadan veremeyiz/vermeyecegiz. Eger bu kisiler fanatikler (ki bunlardan cok cok COK var) tarafindan rahatsiz edilir ve kopeklere kotu davranmak, vs. nedeniyle suclanirlarsa bu bizim hatamiz olmus olur. Onlarin isim ve adreslerini izinleri olmadan paylasmamiz ne ahlaki olarak dogru ne de yasal.

Internette bazi kisilerin anlattiklari hikayeler ve suclamalar o kadar yanlis, o kadar yaniltici ve o kadar saptirilmis ki, insan acaba bu kisiler hayvanlara yardim etmekle mi ilgileniyor yoksa sadece kendi egolariyla mi diye merak etmeden duramiyor. Bu gibi insanlarla ilgilenebilecegimiz zaman sinirli. Zamanimizi kopekleri kisirlastirma, onlarin bakimini ustlenme, gerektiginde kurtarma ve sahiplendirme ile gecirmeyi tercih ediyoruz, cunku internettekilere cevap vererek zaman gecirmemiz bir tek hayvana bile yarar saglamiyor.

Sorulara ne kadar cevap versek de, sahiplendirilmis mutlu kopeklerle ilgili ne kadar bilgi versek de, ne kadar yanlisi duzeltmeye calissak da kendisini kopeklerin dunyadaki tek kurtaricisi olarak goren, kendisi disindaki herkesin kotu olduguna inanan ve baskalarinin da hayvanlarin iyiligi icin birseyler basarmakta oldugunu psikolojik olarak kabul edemeyen kindar, kiskanc kisiler her zaman oluyor.

Turkiye’deki kopekleri Avrupa’da sahiplendirmek Turkiye’deki sokak kopegi sorununa bir cozum degildir. Ancak belediyeler kopekleri oldurmeye ya da kopek hapishanelerine koymaya devam ettigi surece, kisirlastirilmis kopekleri aldigimiz yerlere geri koyamadigimiz surece alternatiflerimiz sunlar: (1) otanazi (2) kopekleri hayatlarinin sonuna kadar barinakta tutmak (3) kopekleri Turkiye icinde ya da disinda ailelere sahiplendirmek. Maliyeti cok yuksek oldugu halde biz mumkun oldugunda hep 3. Secenegi tercih ediyoruz.

Gormek uzere oldugunuz resimler gecen sene Sariyer’de cekildiler. SHDK burayi gormek uzere oldugunuz sekilde buldu. Kopekler gormek uzere oldugunuz haldeydiler. Bu Fathma Balkanli’nin kopeklerinin kurtulma, tedavi edilme ve iyilesme surecinin hikayesi. Resimler hikayeyi kendileri anlatiyor…






















































































































































































































































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 Savage Seoul aims to reclassify dogmeat 


This is despicable!

Posted Wed Apr 8, 2008 10:32pm AEDT

The Seoul city government is seeking to classify man’s best friend as livestock in order to set food safety standards for South Korean lovers of dog meat, officials say.

Somewhere between two and four million dogs are estimated to be consumed in South Korea every year but the slaughtering and processing is carried out in dirty environments and poses a risks to diners’ health, they said.

Since dogs are not currently classed as livestock there are no hygiene regulations on their slaughter, officials said.

“Dogs are consumed in their millions in this country every year. That’s a fact. We have to take care of this situation,” Lee Hae-Woo, head of the city government’s department of food safety, said.

“We plan to recommend to the central government that dogs are classified as livestock.

“This is like a hot potato but we don’t pretend the issue does not exist.”

South Korea‘s capital has always been ambivalent about dog meat.

To avoid adverse publicity before the 1988 Olympics, the city banned dog meat and snake meat as “abhorrent food.”

The order is now largely ignored and an estimated 500 dog meat restaurants operate in Seoul alone.

The reclassification proposal sparked angry reactions from animal activists, who staged street protests and launched on-line signature campaigns.

“No other country in the world but South Korea gives a legal green light to dog meat consumption,” the Korea Association for Animal Protection said in a statement.

“South Korea’s motto is globalisation but it seeks to go back to the Stone Age as far as dog meat consumption is concerned.”

Lee Won-Bok, association president, said if the proposal became reality, dog meat consumption would increase drastically.

“It’s horrible to imagine dog meat on display next to beef and ham at supermarkets,” he said.

“It would also be nauseating to see roasted dog meat on the menu of your restaurant.”





April 12, 2008 at 6:25 pm 51 comments




The vile Visual Arts Biennial of Central America has decided that the ‘installation’ of a starving dog was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, the “artist’ has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008. 

A cruel and brutal chapter in the history of an alleged Godless Central America.  This “psychopath – artist should rot in hell for an eternity and suffer immeasurably on earth til he gets there.  God, I hope he doesn’t procreate until he’s neutered.  There are enough of the devil’s spawn on earth.

I will update this blog post with the name of the Honduran Ambassador to the United States.  In the meantime, the telephone number for the Honduran Embassy in Washington, D.C. is: 202 – 966 – 7702




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International Olympic Committee May Cancel Russian Olympic Games April 10th, 2008 • Related • Filed Under http://www.theotherrussia.org/2008/04/10/international-olympic-committee-may-cancel-russian-olympic-games/


A Moscow press-conference of ecologists, human rights activists and Sochi residents has suggested that the International Olympic

Committee(IOC) has grounds to cancel the winter Olympic Games, set to take place in the Black Sea resort of Sochi in 2014. The press-conference, titled “The 2014 Sochi Olympics. Opportunism, incompetence, disregard for the law – the major threat to the collapse of the National Project,” met in Moscow on April 10th.


Garry Kasparov, the leader of the United Civil Front party, noted that what is currently happening in the region does not correspond to the original plan as it was presented in Guatemala. Several planned construction sites are currently unbuildable, after geodesic surveys discovered underground problems. Panelists named the Imeretinsky Bukhta, which has an exceptionally high water table, with groundwater just two meters beneath the surface of the soil, and where “15-20 meter-long pilings drown.”


“There are things that cannot be done, even if a billion dollars is buried into them,” Kasparov said.


Another concern raised by the panelists was the unprecedented level of spending required to pull the Olympic games together, which Kasparov said is “beating all the records.” Sochi lacks much of the infrastructure of previous Olympic locations, and the original expense prediction of 6 billion dollars is shockingly low. Ivan Starikov of the People for Democracy and Justice party, commented that the current estimate for transportation infrastructure alone was now set at 7 billion dollars. Other cities beaten out by Sochi for the bid to host the games could take the IOC to court, Starikov said, as total cost was a factor in making the original decision.


One Russian Member of Parliament, Viktor Ilyukhin, told the press on April 3rd that the Sochi Olympics could cost more than the last three winter Olympic games combined.


Greenpeace, the international ecological watchdog, may also take the IOC to court. Dmitri Kaptsov, a representative of the “North Caucasus Ecological Watch,” said that Greenpeace is planning to protest the lack of environmental planning before construction, arguing that leading the Olympics in Sochi would cause a regional eco-catastrophe. To date, no expert reports on construction or ecological matters have been completed.


Sochi residents were also present at the conference to speak about the thousands of families facing eviction in the Black Sea resort.

Residents complained that government officials were seizing land without providing adequate compensation or equally valued housing. Panelists also called unconstitutional a so-called “Olympic law,” which expedites the process of taking resident’s homes, and bars locals from seeking judicial protection for their property.


The press-conference reached a troubling conclusion, that Olympic planners in Sochi were using the Games as a means to attain personal wealth at the expense of local citizens and Russian taxpayers.


“It must be stated, that the present course will lead to the destruction of a unique Black Sea resort, the massive violation of Russian citizens’ civil rights, [and] the misuse of funds earmarked for the games,” a statement by participants reads. “It will damage Russia’s image, and ultimately, will put even the possibility of leading the Olympic games in Sochi into question.”


As Kaptsov explained, the IOC has the right to move the Olympics to a different city in the case that the country hosting the games does not meet its obligations. As an example, the presenters noted the 1976 Olympics, which were moved from Denver in the United States to Montreal in Canada.


The press-conference did suggest a way to ameliorate the state of affairs in Sochi. They proposed enacting a strict citizen’s control of the preparations, and suggested the possibility of moving some of the major Olympic facilities to other Russian regions that are more suited to hosting the winter Olympics. A Citizen’s Council with the obligation of overseeing the preparations in Sochi is currently in the works.

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TURKEY    How Ayzer Buyuker Will Murder 2000 Dogs


Over the last few days I am asked the same question over and over again.. why a small-time thug like Ayzer Buyuker would fight so hard to run a shelter filled with 2000 stray dogs, most of them sick and injured, a big number of them with three legs and problems that make them unfit for family-living. A shelter filled with distempered and rachitic puppies. Why? What is in there for someone like Ayzer Buyuker and his family?.


Here is the logic.. read carefully because it is an insight into the mind of some very disturbed individuals.


Ayzer Buyuker has been given a contract to sterilize the dogs of Beykoz and surrounded areas. The Beykoz shelter is to be used as an sterilization center where stray dogs, male and female, are to be taken in, sterilized, treated for a minimum number of days and returned to the exact location where the dog was found. This is how Neuter and Return works, this is the only way to solve Turkeys stray dog problem.


Ayzer and his gang of crooks will get paid a FEE PER DOG OPERATED. 75 YTL – 100 YTL… The number is irrelevant.


To do such a job you need know-how, experience, infrastructure and above all you need ethics. Ayzer lacks all of it.


The only way Ayzer Buyuker makes money is by maximizing the number of dogs operated. The problem for Ayzer is this one: What to do with the 2000 dogs already sterilized currently living in Beykoz?


Ummm…. those dogs will not be making money for Ayzer. Furthermore, those dogs are supposed to eat and drink on a daily basis. They need veterinary treatment.. all of this costs money. A crook like Buyuker is not about to start spending money on the welfare of any dog.


Furthermore, as Ayzer knows, getting paid by the Municipality is no easy task. He experienced this in Sariyer.. the end result was a huge financial loss for him and his family company. Ayzer needs to minimize expenditure at all costs. How to do this? The solution is simple..

 Ayzer will eliminate the expense of 2000 dogs. How? by killing them… how? there are three methods, all of them illegal.


1. Poisoning

2. Shooting with a bullet.

3. Starvation


The first two methods are fast and easy. They are also unfeasible. I don’t even want to start thinking into the logistics of poisoning 2000 dogs at once. Most probably Ayzer would use the water the dogs drink but the moment he does this the news will leak out and the world will fall upon him and Muharrem Ergul the Major of Beykoz. Ergul as a smart politician will then get rid of Ayzer like a hot potato, a used condom, whatever you want to call it. His contract will be immediately canceled and Ayzer will face again financial ruin. For second time in two years. Poor Buyuker.


The method Ayzer Buyuker has chosen is death by starvation and gradual disposal of the bodies. This method was implemented by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi henchman in concentration camps all over Europe. It is a proven system, it works. It is slow and painful, but it works.


The first thing Buyuker will do (he has done so already) will be to make sure there are bags of dog food at Beykoz. We saw this in Sariyer two years ago. It is important to show that he has food and he is feeding the dogs. Of course those bags will be closed, unused. The dogs will not be fed. This is a repeat of his performance in Sariyer.


All of this will happen if you and me just sit, watch and do nothing.


So… Grab the phones, call the Beykoz Belediye:


Nihat Mutlu

0216 6801104 (direct line)


Ihsan Öksüz

0216 4259376 (direct line)

 0532 406 37 57 (cep)



Let them know we are watching.. and that you and thousands of people like you wont allow this to happen yet again. It wont happen in Sariyer, it wont happen in Beykoz, it wont happen in Tuzla. It is time the animal lovers in this country start doing something other that reading Internet forums, shrug the shoulders and lament.. ” this is Turkey!.. nothing will ever change”


Be the change… get rid of Ayzer Buyuker. He must be the first head to roll, he needs to go back to the rat hole where he came from. We must make sure this does not happen again.


Please call


Nihat Mutlu

 0216 6801104 (direct line)


 Ihsan Öksüz

 0216 4259376 (direct line)

 0532 406 37 57 (cep)



www.beykozbarinak.com: <http://www.beykozbarinak.com>

Article on TDN today. Please forward.

http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=101394: <http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=101394>

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